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SafeBridge Benefits™ is an Alliance of Senior Financial Advisors, a vast array of America’s leading and top-rated Insurance Providers, PROVEN Healthcare Cost-Reduction solutions, OPTIMIZED Employer Group Benefits packages and SMART Owner / Executive Benefit strategies.

Saving You Time and Money

Our Senior Financial Advisors and Employee Benefit Specialists save your organization significant time and money by providing effective benefits communication, maximized value in best-in-breed Employer & Employee Benefits. Furthermore, SafeBridge Benefits™ always seeks to leverage our strong relationships with many of the leading, top-rated financial institutions – as well our substantial volume of business… to deliver Optimized financial solutions for all of our clients. This has proven to allow our clients to consistently benefit and profit from our substantial economies of scale.

We Understand Your Concerns

At SafeBridge Benefits™, we understand that soaring health care costs in today’s environments are a deep concern for Employer Groups. We offer the optimal, proven health care cost-reduction solutions to help so many clients realize dramatic savings through reduced health care costs – while concurrently, improving overall benefit levels for Owners, Executive and Employees of Employer Groups of all sizes. The SafeBridge Benefits™ team improves overall benefits by closing up the ever-growing out-of-pocket expenses which are otherwise incurred by health care plan participants – with an extremely cost-effective solution. These soaring out of pocket expenses are due to continuously rising annual increases in health care premiums, rising annual deductibles, increasing co-pays and higher coinsurance levels.

Proven Solutions for Your Savings

Regarding primary health care plans, our proven solutions are able to help employers and employees reduce overall health care costs (equating to bottom-line savings) for employer groups and employees alike.

Better Benefits For Less

In summary, SafeBridge Benefits™ always seeks to deliver Better Benefits for Less solutions for every client. And our team has established a very successful track record in achieving this primary objective for our Employer Group Benefits & Owner-Executive Benefits clients.

After all Your Success… IS… Our Success.

“We do not work for any of America’s top providers. They work for us, so that we can best work for you.”

Charles W. Allen, Founder & CEO –
The SafeBridge Group, P.C.

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